Bad days are crap, I know as I had one the week before I published my new book, Rule Your World.

It was 11.30am, I was sitting in my pyjamas aimlessly scrolling through my social media feed about to eat my 4th custard cream!!

I looked at my ever growing ‘to do pile’ ( yep my to do list has expanded) and thought I don’t know where to start, if it hadn’t of been for having my parents over later in the day I may have gone back to bed.

I felt tired and my mind couldn’t focus on anything but at the same time it was whizzing with thoughts about everything that I should be doing.

You may be thinking, “Blimey Cassie, you were about to publish a book on reducing stress levels and how to keep your head in the right place, shouldn’t you be feeling amazing, waltzing around drinking frothy cappuccinos with hand crafted chocolate sprinkles in the shape of a unicorn??”

The last time I checked I was human 🙂

This means that just like you and every other human I have good days and bad days.

What I’m getting a lot better at is spotting the bad ones quickly so that I can catch them quickly in the hope that they don’t turn into a bad week, month or year.

This is what I did to turn it around;

1) I admitted ‘out loud’ that I was having a bad day

I wrote a post in a Facebook group saying that I wasn’t feeling great and was overwhelmed with everything I had to do.

2) I wrote a to do list of the things I wanted to complete by the end of the week.

3) I didn’t do ANYTHING on the to do list. Instead I took the advice in the group and decided that taking action wasn’t a great idea as I wouldn’t be so productive or bring a great energy the way I was feeling.

4) I turned off social media, got showered and dressed –  all small things but I felt better for doing it.

5) I put on some relaxing music, sent some Reiki to myself and to my intentions – this only took 15 minutes but it felt like a layer had lifted off me.

6) When my mum and dad arrived and my dad asked me how was work going was I doing much to prepare for the launch I told him that I had loads to do but I couldn’t be bothered to do any of it today!

This may sound negative but I honoured the way I felt and was being honest. I admitted that much as I love  what I do and I love not having to have a childminder for the boys and I can work from home I do find it hard to feel focused in the school holidays.

7) I wrapped up warm and did 2 hours of gardening with my mum.

8) We all ate fish and chips together.

9) I went to bed early and downloaded a new inspiration book to read.

10) I made sure I was asleep by 10.30am so I had the best possible chance of turning a new leaf today.

I woke up today feeling a lot better and have already ticked 2 jobs off my ‘to do list/pile!’

If you are feeling overwhelmed and not feeling great my advice is not to try and conquer the world – just do one thing to make yourself feel better.

If you can choose something that helps you to stop thinking that will help….walking, reading, listening to music, speak to a friend, have a cheeky power nap if you can 🙂

It’s ok not to feel like superwoman every day and when you are juggling lots of responsibilities it’s no wonder we feel a bit tired and overwhelmed at times.

Your track record of getting through bad days so far is 100%….

Remember ,just do one thing today to make yourself feel better, tomorrow is a new day.

Until next time,