It’s not easy.

Day in, day out, tirelessly fighting that relentless battle in your head.

The exhaustion from pretending to be stronger than you feel is kicking in.

You are becoming drained from the emotional rollercoaster that has become your normality.

No one can hear that negative voice that follows you everywhere and refuses to shut up.

It’s not easy.

You have always lived your life with such pride and determination.

You feel like you should know better.

You feel like you should be able to cope.

You feel like you should be able to hold everything together, just like you’ve always done.

What is the answer?

I don’t believe there is a permanent solution for sorting out your head once and for all, or for living an unrealistic perfectly positive life.

What I do believe is that you do have the power to drastically reduce the unnecessary stress in your head so that you can find a calmer way to enjoy and live your life.

Take the pressure off yourself and know that everyone you have ever met is likely to have had similar feelings.

My advice?

1)Start to become aware of how you speak to yourself. Would you allow anyone else to speak you in that way?

2)Don’t compete with anyone else, and don’t compare someone else’s journey to yours.

3)Be yourself. Know that you are good enough.

Book update

I have now written 18,071 ( yes the extra 71 are important!) words for my new book and I ‘think’ I have decided on the title which is…….drum roll please!

“The 7 Secrets to Stress Free Living

– your practical guide for a calmer life”


Do you like the title?

If you have any suggestions I will take them on board 🙂

Thank you to everyone who has asked if it is available to pre-order,  it will be soon and you will be the first to know!



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