The Girls Who Refused to Quit shares the powerful, real-life journeys of 14 inspirational women.

They have all overcome adversity and now want to make a difference with their stories.They want you to know that no matter what challenges you face, you can hold your head high, believe in yourself, and follow your dreams.

They have not only found the courage to rise from the depths of despair, they have found the strength never to give up. They are The Girls Who Refused to Quit.

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This book is like nothing I have ever read before, I loved the short inspiring stories and read most of them through tears.

Amazon 5* Review

Definitely a book full of kick ass amazing women.
It was inspiring to read of the struggles they’d been through and made it out the other end; the challenges they had all overcome. Respect and awe to each and every one of them

Amazon 5* Review

As a fan of Cassandra Farren’s other work I was delighted to see how she has pulled these different women’s experiences together so beautifully and sensitively, allowing them each to tell their story in their own way. Every woman who has ever faced adversity should read this book, as a reminder that she too is strong and resilient, and that she too can refuse to quit.

Amazon 5*Review