The Girl Who Refused to Quit tells the surprisingly uplifting journey of a young woman who has overcome more than her fair share of challenges.

When she hit rock bottom for the third time Cassie was left questioning her worth and her purpose. She could have been forgiven for giving up on everything.

Instead she chose to transform adversity into triumph and with not much more than sheer determination Cassie has now set up her own business to empower other women.

She is the girl who refused to be defined by her circumstances. She is the girl who wants to inspire other women, to show them that no matter what challenges you face you can still hold your head high, believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

She is The Girl Who Refused to Quit.

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The Girl Who Refused to Quit is an excellent book for anyone wanting to increase their emotional resilience. Cassie’s ability to use heartbreak and disappointment in a positive way as motivation to keep moving forward with her goals is truly inspirational.

Amazon 5* Review

What an absolutely inspiring and amazing women. Such a well written book. I literally could not put it down!!

Amazon 5* Review

I have just read this book start to finish in one go as could not put it down! From the first few words I was hooked!

Amazon 5*Review