Last week I shared an honest post about a bad day that I had experienced.

I’m going to be even more honest with you now, I very nearly didn’t write it.

Once I had written it I very nearly didn’t send it.

“What’s the point?” I wondered.

Does anyone actually care if I’m having a bad day?

Is it actually going to help anyone? Or are they going to think I’m being a moany old cow?!

It turned out no one thought I was being a moany old cow ( well, not that they told me about anyway haha!)

It turned out that it arrived in many people’s lives at exactly the right time and helped them to also get through a bad day.

My advice was to just do one thing to try and help yourself to FEEL better – preferably something that helps you to STOP thinking.

Here’s the problem.

It’s so easy to think ‘what’s the point?’

What’s the point in doing one thing, surely one thing isn’t going to change much?

Flip that thought for a moment.

It is often an accumulation of lots of little things that have led to the ‘dark dip’. They can build up over time, sometimes they are so subtle that we don’t even notice until we start feeling rubbish.

If an accumulation of lots of little things can make you feel bad then an accumulation of little things can help to make you feel good again.

I feel so strongly about this theory and how powerful it can be that I have dedicated a whole chapter to it in my new book.

Rule Your World >Chapter 4 = The little things are the big things

I share the real life tools and techniques which have got me out of several dark dips this year.

One lady who has suffered from anxiety for many years said to me “This is life changing, it is so simple but so powerful”

Last year my life collapsed for the third time, this week I am publishing my second book Rule Your World

I am living proof that anything is possible when you

Rule Your World,

Cassie x