Let’s face it, there is a skill that women are absolutely AMAZING at……. self-sabotaging ourselves!

We take a tiny little thought, times it by 1000, let it is spiral out of control, shout at ourselves ( in silence!) and sink lower and lower as we think of every reason under the sun as to why we’re not good enough.

Why do we do this?

I wish I could tell you this never happens to me but that wouldn’t be the truth.

At the end of the summer I got myself into a negative spiral that seemed to get out of control very quickly. My head went into overdrive and at one point I was even considering deleting my new book manuscript!!

I had forgotten about the many highs and lows of publishing a book – I LOVE the writing part but the second part of actually turning it into a book really tested my determination.

In hindsight maybe writing a book over the summer holidays wasn’t my finest idea, but I wanted to keep going to avoid losing momentum.

I loved having the boys off through the summer holiday but a few other life challenges were thrown into the mix and it was no wonder that I ended up feeling a bit out of sorts.

If you are having a ‘my head is in a bit of a mess’ moment here are a few tips that have helped me, they may help you too.

Keep it real:  We put so much pressure on ourselves and it doesn’t help having a rose tinted social media news feed with the constant illusion of endless perfection going on around us.

Don’t believe everything you read on social media. Maybe taking some time out from scrolling through your news feed will help or just pop into supportive groups and pages you are part of.

Talk to a real person: It’s not always easy to speak up but it can help to acknowledge your feelings and admit that life is a bit challenging or that you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’ ( has anyone else seen the Emoji movie? 🙂 ) If you have a chat on the phone to a friend or even better to meet them in real life don’t be afraid to let it out. You’re not a burden – everyone goes through challenges and true friends will always be there for you.

Read: I used to think I didn’t have time to read but somehow I found the time to watch lots of meaningless crap on the T.V! I have read 2 amazing books in the last week which helped to take me out of my own head as I was so absorbed with the compelling stories.

**If you read E-books you may like to check out Freebooksy which notifies you every day about free books for your kindle.**

Never feel guilty about looking after yourself. It is too easy to put yourself at the bottom of the pile but then is it any wonder that you end up feeling a bit deflated?

When you begin to respect yourself other people will respect you more.

Be gentle on yourself if things have been challenging for you too, and please don’t be too hard on yourself.

Until next time,


Cassie x